Power saving mode for display

I would like that the display turn off after a while if the system is not being used. Reading around I found that putting hdmi_blanking in the config.txt file would do the trick, but that doesn’t seem to work… Any ideas?

i thought regular “stock” Raspberry Pi OS (Debian everything) has always a built-in screen blanker and you actually had to install a screensaver software package to be able to turn it off or control its settings.

Did it just set the screen to black or did power saving cut-in too?

Didn`t do anything special, apart from setting this hdmi_blanking=1 in config.txt. I’m running Retropie, and its screensaver dim the screen after a while, but doesn’t turn off the screen as I would like.

Yeah, Raspbian will blank the screen on you automatically. lol, one of the first things I do is disable that.
Can’t help you with Retropi though. I have never used it. Not yet anyway. I hope you figure it out though.