Problem with the screen adjustment keypad


After having correctly mounted my picade, I encountered a small problem. I specify that everything else works. All buttons except those used to adjust the screen display (power, menu, next, exit, etc.). When I press on it nothing happens. I rechecked several times that the tablecloth was properly set. It is well embedded, however. I am using the latest version of Rétropie (4.7.1) on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. Could this come from a problem with the drivers or do you think of a fault with the keypad or the cable? Thank you.

Nobody would have an idea please ?

Can you post some pics showing how you’ve got the ribbon cable plugged in?

It’s worth checking you’ve got both ends of the ribbon cable plugged in the right way round - the blue bits should be facing towards you as you look into the back of the Picade (photos in the assembly tutorial).

Also worth checking this:

the ribbon cable for the keypad should go underneath the grey plastic clips on the connectors on both the keypad and display driver board. If you insert the cable on top of the grey plastic clip then you might still get it to fit but it won’t work!

You are the best guy. I had put it above and not below. It works perfectly. Thank you so much.

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