Screen and Plasma Buttons Not Working on Picade

I recently put together a Picade with the USB-C Picade HAT and I’m not able to get anything to display on the screen. The screen just stays this blank white no matter what I do. I’m able to get the Pi to output video if I plug it into a different screen, and this screen refuses to work even when I plug something else into it and power it separately, so it definitely appears to be the screen that’s at fault.

I’m hoping it’s something simple, because I’d really rather not dismantle the entire thing to get the screen out. I tried reseating the ribbon cable but no luck. Is the ribbon cable supposed to go in above or below the black connector clip?

Furthermore, the plasma buttons are not lighting up at all. I’ve run the Picade HAT and plasma installers (while the Pi was connected to a separate display) but the lights never come up. When I try to switch it to a different animation using plasmactl, it says that tmp/plasma does not exist. When I try running the command plasma, it gives me a Python error saying the module RPi could not be found.

Any help on these problems would be appreciated.

I would think, if the display ribbon cable was in wrong, that you wouldn’t get any backlight?
I don’t have one but it’s my understanding that the cable goes in under the black locking bar, contact side down facing the driver board.
Do you have the other board with the buttons connected to the driver board? I honestly don’t know if its needed, but if you didn’t hook it up, I would.

Somebody else reported a Plasma issue like yours. Might be worth reporting it on GitHub.
Failed to start Plasma LED sequencer daemon - Picade - Pimoroni Buccaneers

Issues · pimoroni/plasma · GitHub