Programming servo with pimorini pico board

I am wanting to work a project that uses servos to move an object around with a pico. Does anyone kno2 how many servos you can control with a pico board? I need at least 4.

At a quick glance of its specs, It has 16 × PWM channels. So by itself it could control up to 16 servos.
Raspberry Pi Pico – Raspberry Pi

Just FYI. I can’t comment on doing it on a Pico. But, PWM (via GPIO pins) on a Pi to control a servo has been hit or miss for me. It’s not very accurate. You get drift etc that messes up where they are. It’s why I went with a Pan Tilt Hat on my Camera setups.

Give it a go, and please post back how it goes. If you have issues I’d highly recommend going with a hat / pack. It’s extra expense, but often makes the coding so much easier. ;)

I actually picked the pimorini version of the pico along with some sensors for a automated robot project. I have worked with rp2040 before but never with servos. I looked into getting the servo 2040 but 18 servos is a bit of an overkill and id rather have pins. Ill give it a go and see if it goes as planned.