Propeller hat download times out

I am trying to get my new Propeller Hat talking to my RPi2. I have so far:
-installed PropIDE version 0.36.7 under the latest Raspbian Jessie (5-27-16). In fact twice.
-disabled the serial port using raspi-config

I followed your tutorial (Your First SPIN program). The SPIN program compiles successfully, but when I try to RUN it, I get nothing. If I do the same in the CLI, I get the message:
"ERROR: No device available for download!"
Also, there is no serial port shown in the Propeller IDE, and the terminal menu item is grayed out. I see no activity on the Tx and Rx lines.
I even tried the change to the config.txt file that disables the BT (from the PropHat/ RPi3 thread here), even though this is a RPi2. No luck.

It seems to me that I am doing something wrong in the setup, but what? Can you help point m in the right direction? Thanks.