Propeller Hat Setup Issue

I’m trying to configure the Raspberry Pi to use with the your Propeller Hat. Followed the step-by-step instructions listed on the website. However, when I get the step that requires the following added to sources.list;
deb wheezy backports
deb-src wheezy backports
I get the “unable to write” message when I try to save the changes. If I try to access the file from the terminal is says access denied.
Need some direction on what to do.
I’m using the PropHat with a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.
Thanks Brian

You need to use sudo:

sudo nano sources.list

Thank you Julian for your help. I finished the configuration steps and ran the “first” program to confirm it seemed to be working. However when I tried to run another program it wouldn’t take it. Also is there a way to reset the propeller to allow another program to be loaded into it?

Much appreciated, Brian

Unfortunately, I can’t help you any further, since I don’t have a Propeller Hat. It looks like an interesting thing though