Purchase Components Question - Home School Project

Hi does anyone know what components would be required to make an Arduino/Pi device that can listen to live music (one drum), and then display the speed/bpm of drumming on a display. It’s a home-school lockdown project. I think he needs (1) microphone with built in amp (2) kit to do audio fft visualization (3) something about an envelope (4) fft libraries. He has an Arduino, and several different version of Pi’s. There might be a microbit somewhere too. Thanks

Hmm, exactly how accurate does this need to be? Do you want to catch every drum hit?

FFT usualls you about the frequency of noise, but not the tempo of it. You could potentially use FFT to isolate a particular pitch of noise, and count how long between “spikes” of volume for that frequency? At a guess that may work, but any other noises in that general pitch (or change in pitch of the drum from the way it is hit) might confuse it.