Purpose of sudo raspi-config nonint do_i2c 0 for Trilobot

Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of the Trilobot pre-requisite?
sudo raspi-config nonint do_i2c 0

On the GitHub page it points out it is enabling I2C, I feel that seems odd since it seems to be 0 to enable and I guess 1 to disable but I could be wrong. Maybe the zero is related to the nonint part and do_i2c would just enable I2C.

The nonint part seems to be a mostly undocumented non interactive parameter. Though there’s quite a few pages and forum posts around the internet talking about it. Raspi-config is a shell script so the source code can be read too. GitHub - RPi-Distro/raspi-config: Configuration tool for the Raspberry Pi.

I2C seems to be used for the LED driver and the Trilobot supports attaching breakout garden sockets which would also use I2C for communication.

That robot is another thing to go on my growing list of things to buy from Pimoroni ^_^