Question about new pi 3 & sd card booting

hi, i just recently got a pi3 which im using as game emulater, now i know nothing about raspberry pi’s as totally new to them , so today i dropped my pi 3 and now power light is on but im getting no signal to my tv, so my question is, if i buy a new pi3 will it boot from my sd card(the one from the broken pi 3) straight out the box or will it need some form of setting up before it will boot from my sd card?

As long as your Pi 3 booted from that SD card before, and as long as the SD card isn’t somehow damaged from the fall ( have you verified that the SD card is not corrupt, because that can cause the symptoms you describe even if your Pi is fine! ) then yes, it should just work in any Pi 3.

Did you drop the Pi while it was powered on, did the SD card fly out or anything like that?

it was turned off with nothing plugged into it, no way of knowing if the sd card is ok, was working before i dropped the pi3, ,

In that case another Pi 3 should work, and if it doesn’t… well you’ll have narrowed it down to the SD card.

thanks for replying, appreciated,