New Pi 3 won't boot


I just bought a Pi 3 complete starter kit. I slotted the microSD card, keyboard, mouse, HDMI, and power, and…nothing. No video and the LED is solid red (no blinking).

Please advise.


FYI, I stuck the SD card into my MacBook Pro and it is apparently blank? I was under the impression that the starter kit came with an appropriate OS on the card.


That’ll be why it isn’t booting! I’d wait for a Pimoroni pirate to get back to you about whether it should be imaged on arrival, but if you can’t wait, you can do it yourself:


They absolutely should be imaged on arrival. Are you positive it’s blank? No partitions, no nothing?


Yes, it was partitioned but empty. I formatted it and copied the latest NOOBS over and it was able to install Raspian, but the reason why I bought a starter kit was so that I could just pop it in. It was a waste of some time on my end figuring out what the problem was, and fixing it.