Questions regarding longevity

Pimoroni Enviro for Raspberry Pi – Enviro + Air Quality

I am new to pi and projects like this. Some friends pets needs have inspired me to give this a shot. I was hoping to get some information before I make a purchase though. I was wondering how durable this would be in the humidity of a reptile enclosure?

I hope I have relayed my question well enough.

Thanks in advance.

What are wanting monitor?
One option is to just put a sensor in the tank, and the rest outside the tank.
A BME280 breakout with its address jumper cut could be wired up to the Enviro (Pi’s i2c), with a short as possible cable.
And then a small code change to have the Enviro use the other BME280 at address 0x77.

I would like to monitor as much as possible. I appreciate the information.


What length would you recommend for the wiring. Do you know of any that are already set up by chance? Or is it best to put it together myself?

This would be for a large living space.

I’m currently using a ton of Breakout Garden stuff. And running Enviro and Enviro + code on it. My two major builds along that line use multiple displays. It made more sense for me to mockup the equivalent hardware, than to try and add on to an Enviro or Enviro +.
I honestly don’t know if putting it (the Enviro + PI Zero) in the enclosure is a bad thing? If it’s going to be “dry” and Hot, that might not be all that bad actually.
I’m in the process of building an indoor outdoor Enviro type setup. The weather and light example but with two BME280’s. One inside and one outside. My plan is to make the cable going outside as short as possible. i2c can have issues with long cables, I don’t remember what the limit is right now though? Hunt around on the Pi Foundation forum and you’ll find info on what worked and what didn’t. Mine will be maybe 2 feet max.