Raspberry 3+ Red light - Won't boot :(

I have just set-up my Raspberry Pi 3+ (part of the Pimoroni Starter kit) but on first switching on the read light just keeps blinking and there is no green light at all. It is a constant series of blinks from the red light but no boot up screen (a rather psycholdelic screen appears but not sure how relevant that is!). Any ideas what the issue is - I am thinking it can’t see the SD card but hoping this is not the case. I have only had the Raspberry Pi for a short while - bought it as a bank-holiday weekend project so ending up a bit of a damp squib…

Thanks for any advice!


Are you using the most recent version of the operating system?



Thanks for this - will check - I had an SD card with the Raspian Operating System already loaded that came with the kit so have assumed that this would be the most up-to-date.

I have the same problem, just bought a 3 B+ and trying too install retropie on it, the lates version. Have the right powersupply.
Only a red blinking LED, not green.
Can it be the SD card, or can it be a broken PI ?

Sorry for the late response - just found the notification email in my spam. I just downloaded the most recent version of Raspbian onto an SD card and that appeared to do the trick. Relief really - thought it was a dodgy SD card to start with but obviously not.

Your issue is most likely that Retro Pi hasn’t updated their boot loader for the 3B+ I think you need this image.

Thank you, thas helped :)