Raspberry Pi 2 missing a GPIO pin?

Just received my Raspberry Pi 2 and it appears to be missing a GPIO pin (pin 2?). Is this normal?


Whaaaa? Can you take a photo? It’s not that we don’t believe you, but this is something we genuinely want to see!

The forum wouldn’t let me post a pic - says new users can’t post :(

D’oh! Try now. I’ve promoted you to a user.

Thanks! Here’s the pic:

Wow! That’s a first. It looks like a defective header part was installed, since you’d have to be surgically precise to remove that pin after soldering.

Drop me a PM or send us a support email with your order number and we’ll get a replacement sent out. Can you return this one, please? We can refund your original postage cost to cover it.

Send it to:

Pimoroni Ltd,
2 Manton Street,
S2 4BA, UK