Raspberry pi 3 case compatible with pHAT?

Hello everyone,

I just received my inky pHAT, and while it looks great (if tiny!) on its own, it doesn’t fit with my case ( this one https://thepihut.com/collections/raspberry-pi-cases/products/raspberry-pi-case )

I’m sure I’m not the first one to have this issue. Did any of you find a case that looks neat and that leaves just enough room for the pHAT to show?


I can’t comment on those cases - but if they do not take the Inky pHAT then they wouldn’t be suitable for any HAT either.

Our Pibow cases definitely can take Inky pHAT (or any other + HATs).

Probably yes, this is the first HAT I bought so I never had this issue. I’ll take a look at your pibow cases :)

If you put the transparent top, can you put the inky pHAT underneath?

Probably, but the Inkyphat is a low power e-ink display, meaning it isn’t very bright, unlike your standard LCD or LED screen. The screen looks an awful lot like paper rather than a screen, so it’s hard to penetrate plastics.

If the plastic is perfectly translucid and I can see the screen without it, it shouldn’t be a problem, or would it?

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Not at all, as long as it’s perfectly clear. The low-light levels simply means it is more likely to diffuse and smudge together through various mediums (as far as my knowledge of physics goes).

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