Raspberry Pi 400 US spacebar remains pressed


I just received the RPi 400 US version yesterday, and I felt the key moving strangely when I pressed the spacebar back.
Eventually, when I pressed the center of the spacebar, it stayed pressed and didn’t go back nine times out of ten.
When I pressed the left and right ends of the spacebar, it came back, but the key feel is not as good as other keys.
I live in Japan, so I’d rather fix it than return it, but what should I do?
Do you have any idea about it?


Not the best option, and not recommended by the Pi Foundation, but JFYI you can swap in the stock official keyboard for the Pi 400 one. It will snap fit into the Pi 400 molded case.
It’s physically the same and electrically the same. Word is you have to also swap the light pipe bit for the LED’s and that’s the actual tricky part, you have to be really careful not to break them. The only other difference is some of the text like for power. Fn F10 still works, it just says scroll lock instead of Power.
How and if you can fix that one key, I don’t know? I had a bad ; key on mine and ended up getting a replacement Pi400.

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Thank you for your reply.
It’s useful information that Raspberry Pi keyboard can directly replace RPi400’s keyboard. I’ll keep it in mind as a means to use it in a pinch.
As a follow-up to the problem I reported, I sprayed my Teflon lubricant on the spacebar hinge, and it somehow works smoothly.
Whenever I pressed down on the spacebar, the plastic parts were making a creaking noise, so I thought it might be a good idea to try it, but it seems to have had a good effect.
If you are having the same problem, be careful never to use solvent-lubricants. Always use something that says it’s OK to use on plastics.

Thanks for that info. Hopefully your issue doesn’t come back any time soon.