Raspberry Pi Pico Wireless Pack

I recently thought I’d improve my Raspberry Pi Pico coding experience by using a Pico Wireless Pack. So far I haven’t been able to get the basic RGB_http.py MicroPython Module to connect. I substitute the WIFISSID and WIFIPASS with the suitable values but it never seems to connect when I run the code. Can anyone help me?

Did you save the ppwhttp.py and modified secretes.py to your PICO?
I did both and mine will connect to my network. the cheerlights example shows it getting a valid IP address for my network.
My late reply is because i only just got my WIFI pack yesterday, and only just tried it out today.

You may want to look at these as well. The SDcard and WiFi Cheerlights problems have been solved.
Pico Wireless - how to access SD card? - Support - Pimoroni Buccaneers

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I get a request to api.thingspeak timed out with the current cheerlights example.
It does connect to my WIFI and get an IP address though.

My experience has been worse.

Running Circuit Python 7.1.1 on my Pico, it won’t start when this is attached.

The only support I can find for MQTT with Circuit Python so MicroPython doesn’t seem to be an option. (My search seemed extensive to me.)

I’m going to try the Adafruit Airlift .

P.S. Just for grins I tried MicroPython. That doesn’t work either. It seems snapping this board on the back of my Pico just shuts it down. I tested it by loading blink.py. It ran on power-up unless I had the Wireless Pack on. Then nothing worked. No blink. No Thonny connectivity. The only thing that worked was removing the pack.

Or is this just a bad board?

Have to ask the obvious.
WIFI Pack orientated correctly?
Did you solder the headers on the PICO, or get the pre soldered version?

Hello, I am new here! I got introduced to “Buccaneers”, more on this later…, then to Discord, but since I am using a CrowPi2 with a RPI4b, the downloaded .exe makes no sense to me and I am now completely lost! I do not know how to start a new topic here, hence expressing my interest in the wireless pack (ESP32) as being limited to a single Pi Pico W while needing to work with multiple Pico W’s is a high priority for me I had to try to extort a second unit when I discovered a nasty bug in Pimoroni’s SOP system as a programmer has utilised an active link to PayPal instead of a plain PayPal logo to identify the “Express Checkout” area inclusive of PayPal and Amazon Pay options with the result that the wrong cost exclusive of shipping was sent to PayPal, in my case, but when I continued, I was sent back to PayPal with a transaction inclusive of shipping where PayPal security caught the attempt of a second transaction from the same company and transaction ID. This left me with an unfulfilled order and a charge to my PayPal account that I could not now process without help from Pimoroni to reserve all 12 items I had carefully chosen. An absolute waste of my weekend time! Anyhow, a joke from the Manchester RAG Week magazine of many, many, many years ago… " Where are my Buccaneers?", “Under your Buccan hat”, there was another which went like “Where’s my fork 'n knife?”, which closed with “Under your fork 'n nose”. What a sheltered life I had lived. Yet historically, the the words that have remained “outlaws” are in fact all original Anglo-Saxon common parlance that were deemed outlawed by the new conquering Norman Aristocracy. Always worth remembering as English is a constantly evolving language complete with innate resistance to some changes whether healthy or bloody minded obstinacy, pride of heritage, English sitire and happy humour. We each learn to enrich our expression and our wisdom by supporting our culture and each other.

I interpreted the new Pico W does not yet have the Pico WH available? I bought the “no solder” jig plus male and female x2 inline to see how these perform as I have several Pi Zero devices. I’ve lots of x1 inline snap offs to suit my Picos and Pico W models.