Pico wireless pack problems

Hi can anyone help me please, I have purchased the Pico wireless pack and no matter what I do I always receive the following message :

Device is busy or does not respond. Your options:

  • wait until it completes current work;
  • use Ctrl+C to interrupt current work;
  • use Stop/Restart to interrupt more and enter REPL.

I have no other issuses with anything I am trying to do, I have tried three different Picos do you think I may have a faulty unit? Any help would be much appreciated.

How have you connected the wireless pack to the Pico, and what code are you running? Did you solder the Pico’s headers yourself?

Hi I have attached the pack directly to the Pico as per instructions making sure it was the correct way round, yes I soldered on the headers (I work in an electronics lab so soldering a big part of my daily routine) the code I was using were the examples download from the pimoroni site.


Hmm, I honestly don’t know, I’ve just connected mine the way you’ve described and the MicroPython http rgb example works fine on the latest Micropython firmware (v0.2.1), have you updated that?