Raspberry pi Universal Power Adapter missing parts

I got the Raspberry Pi Universal Power Supply - 2.5A - Black in the mail on 3/31. But it only came with 2 of the 4 adapters for each unit.The description says https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/raspberry-pi-universal-power-supply:

  • Includes 4 worldwide adaptor plates: Australia/China, Europe, UK, US/Japan

but it only came with the Europe & UK connectors.

As someone who lives in the US these are not the primary connectors I would be using.
I sent an e-mail through your “Contact Us” link on your website (https://shop.pimoroni.com/pages/contact-us) on the day of delivery. I also sent an e-mail to support@pimoroni.com responding to my Order Confirmation e-mail. But have not received any response…

I would like my 2 sets of the adapters I’m missing (Australia/China & US/Japan). Or return the product to Pimoroni and get a refund.

Does anyone here know how I can contact Pimoroni’s support and get this resolved?


I got the following e-mail from their support this morning (1 week after I got the items in the mail, 2 weeks and 2 days after the initial order):

Hi Grayson,

Sorry about this; our supplier was supposed to send us a batch with all
the adapters but didn’t, and some had been sent out by the time we

We’ve now received the correct parts and I’m sending out the US and Australia adapters (two of each) in the post today.

Apologies for any inconvenience,

– Rory Cullen