Raspberry Robot Mini GearMotors and Explorer Hat Pro

I have a pair of Mini GearMotors 95:1, a Pair of Pollu wheels and a Ball caster for balance at the back. A Raspberry Pi B+ 512Mb.

How do i connect all of it together and what cables are needed in between the gearmotors and the motors part of the explorer hat. I want to make a robot chassis(i think). what do i need. I am following “Take your first steps into robotics” In APC Mag June 2015 Issue 416 Page 74.

I still need to buy a Wifi Dongle and a Usb Power bank but that different.

Heya! You’ll want to solder some jumper leads onto the motors so that you can plug them into the motor outputs on your Explorer HAT Pro. Our Jumper Jerky (Male-Male) will work for this - just cut one end off to solder to the motor: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/jumper-jerky