Explorerhat and Tiny the robot

Lovely to see you all at Piwars yesterday. I bought Brian’s Tiny robot but wondering how to run four motors on Explorer Hat?

The two wires from each side are joined together and then run into the explorer phat through one wire meaning that both motors on each side are bonded together and so not all 4 motors are individually controllable.

Hope that answers your question!

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Thanks. That would make sense but not sure how I do that. DOES THAT MEAN i need to cut the jumper wires and solder?

I believe the motors come with a jumper wire adaptor shin allowing you to just m to f wires to plug into the breadboard. The whole kit is solderless IF you use hammer headers

Thanks William! The breadboard was the missing part from my head. Did wonder what that was for!

You can splice the cables together, to power 2 motors at the same time

  1. remove the male ends from 2 jumpers, and the female end from one.
  2. Strip about 5mm of insulation, then twist together the bare ends, for best results, solder the joint.
  3. cover the joint with heat shrink or electrical tape.
  4. repeat 3 times.

If you don’t want to do the above you can use a male to male jumpers and use the bread board to connect them together.

Will post a how to later

Creater of ‘Tiny’ the robot.

PS. The bread board can be used for adding sensors to your robot ;-)

When will it be available for public purchase from pimoroni.

Debating whether to buy this or pirate radio kit with prospective Easter money!

Thanks Brian. That is useful to know. Will wait for your how to.

William, you will have more fun with a robot!

Also see this episode of #BilgeTank where we talk about the tiny tiny robot (and other things): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45xSdUVUzEg