Raspbian on Intel/AMD


just started using Raspbian for PC’s. I have to say this is awesome! What a game changer. Especially since you can use the GPIO of any pi zero w/o an micro sd in it.
I am running on a almost 3ghz 4gb ram HP laptop. Took almost no time to download install and have a powerful system to do my pi work. would love to share possibilities with this.


What I love, as a parent and open-source advocate, it has the most User and child friendly support known of any OS, let alone Linux OSes. I really hope to see educational organizations and schools recognize the low cost, hi-tech up-cycling of resources and vast free support available.


Yeah, I’m running Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop on my spare desktop. I also have a Pi Zero hooked up as a GPIO expander. I haven’t done anything constructive with the Zero’s GPIO. Many because I’ve never used GPIO Zero.
It is handy for plugging in my Pi’s SD cards and getting full access when I need to snag a file from one or tweak something.


I am using a HP Pavalion I dumpsterdived. 4gb ram, close to 3ghz, and a hard drive from a scrap ps3 that finally , after 4 yellow light of death fixes, had other issues not worth fixing.
I use the VNC viewer to transfer my developed/developing code etc. to a headless pi or just one across the room/house. It also offers better storage for a home network using this more powerful yet getting obsolete desktop/laptops. we use this laptop as just any everyone system as well, watching media, scratch , filming etc…This is the system I let my children use with more freedom (besides our newer ps3). The system I allow my 3 kids 9 & under access media…besides their tablets which I regulate.
My oldest loves animating, having access to all the open-source from the pi community is great, not sketchy like thousands of android apps or pirated software. All 3 of my kids have raspberry pi’s. Kano is wonderful for the younger and new to pi, but overall we are a Raspbian family. I am proud to say the operating systems my childern are growing up with is linux, much like I was a fluent Ms-Dos child (from version TRs-DOs & BAsIC to Ms-DOs up to version 6).
I support and endorse the opensource ideology. One day I hope some people somewhere start opensourcing Medicine and energy technologies. It is only a matter of time the more people we can turn onto open-source platforms where they understand it and its immense potentials.