Responsiveness and stability issues with Skywriter

It has been an absolute nightmare getting a stable and responsive output from the Skywriter.

Setup is a Pi Zero with the Skywriter hooked up to the I2C bus, and Node Red flow executing python 3 scripts to interface to the HAT. The device is recognised at address 0x42 and example code supplied provides x/y/z data back.

My script also runs and returns values back to the Node Red flow. The issue is responsiveness of the Skywriter and stability of the data returned - when a finger is placed statically in a particular location, values returned for x/y/z are a) fluctuating and b) not fed back in time.

I tried to drive the device in C to try and eliminate latency issues, but can’t find enough documentation to do so. That being said, I’d like to ideally come to the bottom of the issue with python 3 - not enough time to tinker around, as this is being used for a very serious product proof of concept.

Any insight?

Thanks in advance.