Skywriter XL - Erratic Behaviour Of X/Y Coordinates, Gesture Recognition, Touch & Tap Detection

I bought a Skywriter XL from PiHut at the beginning of the month and finally got round to using it yesterday. I am using it with a Pi Zero 2W, i found the library available on Github and installed the requirements before running the example.

The script starts without any errors and prints out the starting x,y,z values as 0.0, then:

  • if i place my finger over the board it is picked up but only the z coordinate shows any changes, x and y stay at zero
  • if I touch, tap or double tap the board anywhere nothing is picked up
  • if I flick my finger in the air from left to right it reports 4 flick gestures, one for each possible direction
  • the other gestures are not picked up and the flick gesture is incorrectly reported when trying to use any of the other gestures

I also have an Arduino UNO available to test with, i managed to get setup easily enough and the board behaves like so when interacting with it:

  • x,y,z coordinates are picked up and reported in the serial monitor however the x and y coordinates only work for a section of the board, roughly from the GND pin to the beginning of the word “skywriter” for x and doesnt work for the bottom 1/4 of the height of the board for y. The z coordinate works in all areas of the board, even within the areas that x and y dont get reported
  • tapping or touching N/S/E/W registers as a touch and does seem to differentiate between the 4 sides
  • the airwheel and flick gestures seem to be picked up and reported

I have a support ticket open with PiHut however with it being the weekend i dont think i’ll get a response until monday. I have seen multiple other threads across the forums and Github that show how to update the firmware for the Skywriter, would this be the next recommended troubleshooting step ?

I can provide photos of the wiring, example output from the terminal/serial monitor and videos if required.

I have updated the firmware following the instructions available here (as requested by PiHut support) and unfortunately the board behaves exactly the same for the Pi and the Uno.

@gadgetoid could you possibly take a look at this please ?