Skywriter xl - raspberry pi 3


Just installed the skywriter xl to my raspberry pi 3.
when running the, I get 9 out of 10 times a (‘Tap!’, ‘center’) or (‘Touch!’, ‘center’) message instead of “swipe”. The coördinates are showing really fast, so detection is fine.

2nd question: Which side should be up? The side with the squares or the side with all the text?

the ‘grid’ is the ‘up’ side. regarding your issue, maybe you are waving too close to the board? try an inch or more away, it may help.

Thanks for your reply.

I’m waving roughly 5-10 cm above the board. Seems that the july update is not implemented in the standard install link?

There is no firmware upgrade for the XL Skywriter, the firmware issued last July was only for the HAT version, if I understand what you refer to.

Indeed, it was an update for the HAT version, but I installed it.

Maybe I’m lying to myself, but the board seems to behave better since the install. :s
I removed the following from

def doubletap(position):
print(‘Double tap!’, position)

def tap(position):
print(‘Tap!’, position)

def touch(position):
print(‘Touch!’, position)

Removing this lets the board better behave. But offcourse, this is not normal.

In meantime I’ve tested the board further… The board keeps behaving very strange. Since today it can not anymore recognise any gesture (left, right, up, down, etc…) I’ve followed a solution on [SOLVED] Fullsized Skywriter Problem, but this didn’t help.

Any suggestion? (It does give me x,y,z values in the file)

Furthermore, the script stops regulary to go in a loop about 1.1.18;p:Hills Got firmware info. Why does this happen?

Anybody? Would expect a working board for this kind of money :’(

The usual advise apply… contact Please do not apply the HAT firmware to the replacement, it is not suitable.

Thanks, contacted the support.