RetroPie 3.0 Released


Enjoy :)


Well, that was unexpected! Thanks for sharing.


Brilliant stuff… my picade loves you.


Thanks! :) We will hopefully push out the next release with less of a gap, 3.0 took too long, and was perhaps too large of a jump - 3.1 next I guess!


Reminds me of an idea I had for the key-binding screen; once up/down have been bound, can they be used for selecting key bindings rather than detected as keys?

I think I power cycled my Pi 4 times to reset my half complete bindings before I got them right, too, as there was no undo.

Also is there any way other than simply rebooting/quitting relaunching to reveal ROMs added via SSH?

RetroPie is fantastic and I need more time to tinker, I think!


I second both of those things, a ‘refresh rom list’ option would be great… and I must have got my key bindings wrong about 10 times before I finally nailed it.


For those having trouble getting the button config right - did you check out the images on the install guide - shows how they map to common controllers and can help to make a good choice for the Picade. Buttons can be remapped for some cores also should they not feel like they are in the right position.


Also didn’t know you could do this “refresh emulationstation by pressing F4”