Rockpool Cookbook Weather Station in Imperial Units SOLVED

I can use the weather station perfectly and love it…but as an American (sorry, I now we are the only rubes that use non-metric) I would prefer to see F and inHg for temp/pressure. Where can I modify this?

I can run it off line (downloaded all the js and css files) and there must be a place where I can do the conversions but I have no idea where.

Can you point me in the right direction?


Found it!
Line 138 of the main html file should look like this:

var temperature = ( / 100.0)*(9/5)+32;

How I can limit the decimal places is the next hurdle along with converting Pa to inHg but I found it.

Thanks. I’ll update when I get all the changes made.

Yea! I got it! Here are the two lines to convert C and Pa to F and inHg

                var pressure = (0.0002952998751 * ( )).toFixed(2);
                var temperature = (( / 100.0)*(9/5)+32).toFixed(2);
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I’ll make note of this for Rockpool, too. I’m not saying it’ll be in the Shipshape update, but it shouldn’t be too hard to let you see Degrees F instead of C in the “Inspectors” ( the little text labels that show the numerical value of an input, but currently just show meaningless numbers ).

Good to hear. I totally understand this is a work in progress. The hardware (IMHO) is the hardest part. The software always comes second and is by far the easiest and fastest to change.

I’m happy to wait for the next release/s