Dock Name & Weather Sensor (2 questions)

Hi all,

I love the Flotilla stuff. Fabulous idea, although I have to say the documentation is a little scant.

My two questions are:

  1. How do I give my dock a name?

  2. The Weather sensor reports temp & pressure values correctly, but tyying to output them, the number and line graph modules both display large integers (eg sensor shows 24.61c but the number display just shows 746) How do I convert the output value?

While I’m on a roll, I have a third question - why no divide or multiple operators?



  1. At the moment, only via the Python API using “set_dock_name” and “set_dock_user” IIRC. I’ve been meaning to add the ability to set a dock name to Rockpool for agggesss.

  2. This is something we’re working on fixing, try the cutting-edge version of Rockpool to use the “Temperature” option for Number:

  3. Someone else suggested these. They’re tricky, since the Rockpool system has an absolute min and max values- however they’re in Rockpool Edge for you to play with :D

Documentation and tutorials will be an ongoing concern for us now ;) Right now- we’re listening and improving!