What are Output Values for Pressure and Temp Sensors


got my kit this weekend and I LOVE how simple things are. However there is practically zero documentation. I totally understand that the software and firmware are under heavy development. This is a good thing and I am looking forward to more info.

BUT- we need to know how to interpret the output of all the modules.

Example- I can read the temp and pressure from the web interface. But what do the numbers mean? The temp clearly isn’t C or F and the pressure is 546 what?

That said, what are they and how can I convert them to something meaningful?


The Rockpool web interface uses values that are all scaled to 0 to 1 so they can be fed from one module to another and they all agree on a fixed ranged.

I’ve noticed how utterly confusing this makes things like Temperature in particular, however, so I’ve implemented a “degree C” display for that, and the framework to have other, more rational, values displayed for modules in the “Inspector” ( the little label that shows the numerical value ).

I feel like a stuck record saying this, but; This, and more, coming in the shipshape update!

Documentation should follow once we’ve got a more stable UX and the Python API is fully polished- this will include a full protocol documentation for the Dock too and all the other stuff people want/need/expect to get the most out of Flotilla.


Glad to know it’s on the drawing board. I’ve always documented my projects last…even though it’s easier to do as I go but I understand, you guys are doing great.