Temperature read-out on number module


I have built the simplest weather station you can think of using one Weather module as input and a number module as output.

In rockpool i can see temperature is measured at for instance 23.2 C and barometer reading is 745. On the number module i get the read-out of 745 or just 4 zeros.

If I switch to the “rockpool-edge” version I can set the number module to “Temperature” but that only gives me 4 zeros on the module. No effect at all.

Am I doing something wrong? if not please fix as I need this function.

Kristian, Copenhagen

This may be because the Weather module only tells you what temperature it is when it changes. Try warming up/cooling it to see what happens.

I’ve run into this a couple of times and am trying to figure out a solution so Rockpool can ask for an update.

When I try this it still doesn’t work in fact number doesn’t work at all in rockpool-edge for me.

p.s. Would a light module “when light” and “when dark” be a usefull input to have

I have given up… this product is not finished and should not have been sold :)

It’s probably of little consolation, but we have blocked out January to double-down on Flotilla since all previous attempts have been interrupted.

This is why things have been a little quiet on the Flotilla front lately, since anything I change or fix now will probably be subject to change again when we refocus Rockpool into the child-friendly starting point it was originally intended to be.

Cheers that sounds great. As an intermediate I love flotilla for the seamless tinkering. I love how fast and easy it is to make a project without wiring for what seems years!

I have now found and fixed this bug on Flotilla Rockpool-Edge: http://flotil.la/rockpool-edge/

You should see a proper temperature readout.