Rotate HyperPixel but not HDMI

I’m using a HyperPixel 4.0 on a Pi 3 A+. I managed to get both the HDMI (with a 720p monitor) and the HyperPixel to work at the same time by adding max_framebuffers=2 to /boot.config.txt.

I’d like both to run in landscape mode, but by default the HyperPixel runs in portrait mode. And if I set display_rotate=1 in the config.txt file, it rotates both displays.

Is there a way to rotate only the HyperPixel display?

I have the same problem, can we get an official comment if this is possible?

The solution is to use display_hdmi_rotate for the HDMI port and display_lcd_rotate for the MIPI port.

But note that 90° and 270° rotates can have a significant performance impact. In my case it was better to rotate the content from within my application (OpenVG + MMAL), at no cost.

Ah thx, display_lcd_rotate=2 fixed it for me!

BTW did you get brightness working? I can’t get this to work:

Edit: Fixed it, you need to use the latest wiringpi on the pi 4:

sudo dpkg -i wiringpi-latest.deb