Routing Pi camera ribbon cable in PiTFT Pibow case

I have a PiTFT Pibow case with a model B Pi. I’m instaling a Pi camera and don’t see a good route for the camera’s ribbon cable. It’s currently routed out of the case between the clear top layer and the next layer down right on top of the Ethernet port. I haven’t yet snugged down the nylon bolts because this routing doesn’t seem right, but I don’t see a better one. I saw the instruction to break out on of the layers for the GPIO ribbon cable but that doesn’t seem to apply.

Is what I’ve done actually OK or is there a better way (I’m thinking there must be). BTW, I’m using the Adafruit PiTFT 2.8 with this case. I notice that the cutout top does not exactly match the dimensions of the PiTFT screen. Is this normal?



@guru can you pitch in here? I know there is a way to route the camera cable for mounting on the back at least?

Hopefully this demonstrates the basic shape of the cable. You want to take it between the layers 4/5/6 or there abouts, out over the HDMI port.

There’s enough give in the camera cable that it can go either side of the port and end up facing outwards on the opposite side to the PiTFT. Like a normal compact camera :-)

Hope that helps, but shout if you need more info!

As far as the cutout goes, it’s mainly there to keep the button and GPIO areas clear, as some people use those, and the case does fit with buttons or the extra GPIO pins sticking up :-)

Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time and trouble to post the pix and explanation!