RP2B + UnicornHat + NOOB = confused! Basic advice please

RP2 and UnicornHat is up and working.
From the shell i run the python examples under sudo and they work perfectly. However, that is where my experience and knowledge ends!!

CTRL+Z stops it… got that far…
Kill %1 gives me an error, but i get the PID so i can then sudo kill 1234 to exit it.

So at this basic stage, whats the best way to stop, exit, kill?
And what is the best way to clear, as the Unicornhat stays lit based on last screen.

Then - well my learning will have to continue. Cqan you advise on basic typical first steps i should be doing. I am only used to the horrors of web world and PHP!!!

Thanks, N

okay… noob learning…
CTRL+C kills end clears - what i was after.

Also - http://learn.pimoroni.com/

So i am pretty set for now, apart from if anyone can give me some tablets for the headache i have from how bright it is! Two layers of posit notes on top does the job for me!

Also developing a headache from the brightness… and dots in my eyes!

I’ve just been fixing some troubles in the library with all the errors it spits out on exit, and rewriting the C example code.

Ctrl+C is, indeed, the right way to exit! I’ve got a fix incoming that will make that much less noisy although there’s still one error eluding me.

Thanks for the update - i assume i should run the update to the unicornhat library every now and then to reduce errors…

My intention down the line is to get and display various bits of info from the weather, stock, time, etc… ANd then output onto the display. Any gotchas i should be thinking about with these?

Also considering getting a tweet and then parsing the tweet string to output a graphic or similar. For example a HEX string to graphic, or maybe even keyword to display.
Are you aware of the twitter libraries that i have seen people talk about but never link to?

Thanks, N