UnicornHat Beginner


WOW its so Great !!! tutorials are great, but I could do with little more . .

  1. with the demo python scripts most of them go on forever, , , so does one stop them ? ? ? if it is killing all processes then I am sure that others would appreciate this shown really clearly . . .
  2. can one run these existing scripts using IDLE ?? ?
  3. the unicornhat seems to get a little jammed up, , , what is the simplest way to restart or clear it, , ,
    many thanks Miles


1 - you can use Ctrl-C to break out of running processes. Alternatively modify the code to break out by itself according to your needs.

2 - sure, why, not, IDLE is an editor, with a ‘launcher’ facility built-in that does the same thing as passing the script to the python command.

3 - what do you mean by this? that some leds stay on? I guess that’s the natural result, short of specifically coding cleanup routines.


Dear RogueM
Brilliant !! Jesus, thanks , yeah I used Linux machines a long time ago, but it is still a struggle, I am trying to show my 10 yr old daughter stuff, , and it needs to all be smooth and fun, , know what I mean ???

Yes LEDs staying on but with a clean exit now I doubt I will have this problem,
M and N