Scroll pHAT HD - newb questions

Scroll pHAT HD

Site says it supports all 40pin Raspberry Pis - I have some old model B rev 2 boards

Will the Scroll pHAT HD sit flush on the board or will the audio jack be in the way?

Is there cases that will fit the Scroll pHAT on the model B rev2 boards?

Looking at the pinout, I would think it will work on an older 26 pin GPIO Pi.

If your worried about clearance issues you could use one of these to raise it up.

and these should work with that extra height.

But they appear to be missing some nuts for the threaded ends? You could just screw 4 of the stock standoffs to the ends and use them as a stand / feet.

Thanks - will these work with the 26pin header?

One will line up for sure, not sure about the others though. I’m so used to all the 40 pin Pi’s having the mounting holes in the same place I forgot that the older ones have things shifted around a bit. Sorry about that.

Thanks, will try regardless.