Search not working in Store setion in Internet Explorer

Is it just me or is Search now broken in IE in the Store section? Works in Edge but I get nothing in Internet Explorer in Windows 10. No matter what I type in this is what I get if I hit enter or click the magnifying glass.

It’s not just you! Good spot. It looks like we’re trying to use the Javascript spread operator ... which is not supported in anything pre-edge. Will look into getting it fixed.

Thanks for the quick reply. I reported it twice via e-mail via the contact us link. The response I got was “use a different browser”. Not what I was expecting to be honest. It seemed to happen right around when “the Robots took over” Black Friday thing happened. I was expecting it to fix itself when the site went back to normal operation but it didn’t. It makes it a bit of a pain when trying to help people on the forum. I have to Google search to find your product pages etc.

It looks like IE11 is missing too many convenient features to ever support the instant search (without dragging everything else down with it)- but we’ll make sure it gracefully falls back to Shopify’s built-in search features. (which work, but aren’t especially brilliant.)

We’ve been putting a lot of effort in over the past few weeks to streamline the website and rip out old hacks, garbage code, and slow kludgy bits. A slog of “paying off technical debt” if you will. This involves some hard decisions and some things not making the cut, and legacy browsers not supported, but hopefully it’ll be a better experience for it.

I should be using Edge more, but I like IE so much better. Old habits die hard I guess. I can find what I need via Google, it just means prefacing my searches with Pimoroni. I’m starting to get used to doing that way now so not the end of the world.

Appears to be working now. =) That will make life easier (for me) for sure. ;) I’m not a big fan of Edge. =(

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We had a bit of a last minute kerfuffle with it but eventually managed to get it to break in a slightly more favourable way ;)

Much appreciated. =)