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When I submit the contact us form on the main site, it just shows me the page again (with the field empty) and no indication if the message was actually sent or not (other than a url parameter). I also don’t get any confirmation by email. Is it actually sending anything or is something going amiss?

(Chrome on Yosemite)


Ooh, I had an email in draft asking why you’d submitted the contact form multiple times. I thought you were pretty keen!

Yes, it does work, and the shonky contact form is another one of those nuances of Shopify that we don’t have much control over.

Sorry for the lack of response thus far, I’d reassigned the ticket with no thought to how absurdly busy the people receiving it would be.

I’ll get you sorted today!


Jonathan has asked Rick to sort this out this morning, but thanks! :)

(And sorry for the multiple copies, I was using my phone and wondered if it was just browser oddness)

Theres a parameter in the query string after submitting, do you have enough template control to add some javascript to check for that parameter and inject a thank you message into the page if its there? Not foolproof but better than nothing.


I have been emailing the Swag Store regarding a faulty Raspberry Pi screen thats de-laminating but have not had a reply.
On the RPF forums there are comments that the Pimoroni and Swag Store are one in the same?

Whats the score on refunds for faulty goods bought on line? Return postage arrangements do not seem to be mentioned and there is no phone number or returns system/freepost/collection service?


Hi @mettauk - I have your ticket and am looking into it, thanks for getting in touch!


who do i get in contact with to get my order sorted


The best optoin is to email including your order details!