Seeking a highly recommended PCB manufacturer

Hey, buddy, is there anyone who has used Chinese PCB manufacturer? I heard the price is very cheap, but I need a more reliable one.


I’ve used itead studio in the past

Very good service and PCBs were perfect.



I went with Elecrow last time I wanted stuff from China, turned up less than 10 working days after I ordered. Got more PCBs than I ordered and they were perfect:

Thanks,Paul. It seems good but their price is not competitive compared with other Chinese PCB manufacturers. Take pcbway for instance, $5 to prototype sounds really great. And seeedstudio and elecrow are also not bad. Personally I want to try pcbway because I’m impressed by their feedback page.

wow,I am pretty impressed by this arty PCB. Btw, 10 days from China sounds nice.