PCB Pin Badges

I’ve been learning how to design PCBs recently and after my first batch I decided to do something a little more ‘arty’:


(The top one is an actual enamel pin for comparison)

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Nice. You can also play around with tin and gold plating the tracks to get more colors etc. I haven’t done any PCB stuff in ages. When I did it, it was all done by hand. Showing my age much. lol.

Yeah, I opted for a HASL finish instead of ENIG so I could get the copper layer coloured silver. For these I kept the layering pretty simple but If I end up doing another I really want to play with the layering.

Nice work! And good use of HASL :D

Did you have any luck soldering on the tie pin backs? I think we’ve yet to try bunging one through the reflow oven, but I wonder if it’ll work.

The original blog post mentioned they’d soldered them on, but all of my soldering stuff is packed away after a house move so just went for a touch of superglue on each.

I’m so out of the loop with that stuff now its not even funny.

Anyway, circuit board + badge = Star Trek communicator? Half kidding, if I didn’t mention it somebody else would eventually, lol.

Next pin badge on the way to OSHPark:


Looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

Here’s the finished badge:

And a photo of the boards:

http://www.tomarcher.co.uk/2018/01/01/pcb-pin-badges-part-2/ for more info.

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It’s a meeple!! Are you a Carcassonne fan, perchance? :-)

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I am a big boardgames fan (including Carcassonne)!

We got The Little Prince game at Christmas. It’s a lovely, lovely game, if you haven’t played it. :-)

I haven’t - may have to give it a go next time I visit my local boardgame café.

Nice badge another fan of Carcassonne here!

It makes me sad because I moved just before Christmas and the one thing I still can not find is Carcassonne.

It was the one board game I really wanted to play over the holiday but have no idea where its gone!

Have you by any chance given the new fallout board game a go? Its one of those games that seems really good but it will take hours to learn. I tried to have a game with my partner over Christmas but we gave up because we were spending more time checking the rules than anything.

I haven’t seen much about it.

My board game collection consists of:

  • Space Alert
  • Galaxy Trucker
  • Cosmic Encounter
  • Mysterium
  • Hanabi
  • Elder Sign
  • Welcome to the Dungeon

Tho’ my friends have an absolute pile. Currently working our way through Pandemic Legacy Season 2.

Latest design arrived today:

That’s awesome. Love it.

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Can’t wait to get it assembled, first go at surface mount components as well!

And here’s a finished badge:


Received a big batch of the boards from DirtyPCBs today!