Sense door bell button push,

As a total newbie who wishes to use a pi zero wireless to sense a door bell push, is the Automation pHAT a viable solution?

I understand a cheaper solution would be an opto-coupler, but was wondering if this would also be a simpler solution to a newbie?

Its an old fashioned UK door bell button, linked to the usual transformer and chime box

Any advice would be appreciated

UPDATE: think I’ve made the newbie mistake of assuming a relay works both directions. I’m now thinking the relay only works in one direction, DC > RELAY > AC?

Yes- the relay only works in one direction. You couldn’t use it to sense the button push.

Do you know what voltage the door bell operates at?

It may be possible to isolate the button from the rest of the circuit, have Automation pHAT read the state of the button, and then use the relay to close the circuit where the button would have otherwise been and activate the chime box.

thanks for the info! I see what you’re getting at and sounds interesting!

I’ll try and find the voltage out tomorrow - its an old uk doorbell, and I’m not sure what type of voltage they use, so will test tomorrow

is what you’re reffering to a simpler implementation that a solid state opto-coupler + resistors? I’d prefer to avoid soldering if I can?

which pins on the phat would the doorbell push connect to?

can the phat be attached to the pi without soldering?