Automation phat how to for raspberry pi zero /rpi0 doorbell

I purchased an automation phat for a rpi0 to make my existing doorbell smarter.
I am looking turn off the chime of the doorbell when the baby monitor app is running on my cell phone.

My doorbell is US based, 16v.
I saw the automation phat with its 24v inputs and outputs and a relay and thought it would be perfect for my project.

Long story short, I don’t know how and can’t find how to wire my doorbell into the automation phat.
Such things, as do I put my wires from the doorbell into the 24v inputs or to the relay, escape me.

I thought I could put the doorbell wires into the inputs and then run wires from the output to the doorbell, modify some code I found online, and be done.
Not the case.

I was hoping to get some info and where to put the wires from the doorbell, what to connect my doorbell to on the phat, and maybe some sample code.

If this question is too simple or does not seem like I have done enough research to qualify for an answer (the only info I could find on the automation phat is the general description from pimoroni and the gpio to phat image), feel free to insult me, call me names, whatever. However, if you could also throw me a bone and at least point me in the direction of where I need to look to find the answers I seek, I would be appreciative.

This is a great project. I’ve bumped your user account so you can share photos- if you can, please do since they’ll be invaluable for helping you.

One potential gotcha you might have run into is the Automation HAT outputs. In order to successfully tolerate 24, they’re via a buffer chip which also has the side-effect of inverting them into a signal that “floats” (applies no particular voltage or state) when off, and connects to ground when on.

If you’re building a circuit around an output, you should use it to connect your circuit to ground, and not expect to supply any voltage from it.

Depending on what type of doorbell it is (electrical or mechanical) and now it’s wired, you might be better using a relay to actuate the doorbell.

This information is valuable and should probably be added to the documentation of the Automation HAT and PHAT. There is very little information on how to use the inputs and outputs, something that I am longing for :-)

Thanks for a great addon

Gadgetoid, thanks for the response and the account upgrade. Sorry for the very late response.
After much testing, trying different systems, etc, it seems something is unusual about my doorbell wiring. It is electric and it seems the same transformer as the furance. I have not abandoned the project, just shelved it until I can take the time to learn more about doorbells and the furance gets replaced.
Many thanks

Well, as you said that you already had tested, tried different systems, and I think you had also used various methods, but still you cannot fix the issue, so it is best that you should consult some professionals or call up your local electrician regarding this. They are the one who we able to identify the problem. Like, my brother was also dealing with the same issue, then he had immediately called up the electricians in Bryn Mawr PA area, where the electrical experts visited his home and fix the issue.