Setting up pHAT DAC

I have musicbox_v0.7.0RC5.img on my pi Zero with a pHAT DAC, and have music playing from the speaker phono socket to a speaker.
This is a reinstallation of musicbox image, and can’t quite remember when I initially installed it if I set the pHAT DAC up as per:

Anyway I just tried to do it by ssh, and as I used root@ip address, I couldn’t do it as it gave me a message saying I was logged in as root. I log into musicbox by using root as user and musicbox as password. I don’t know if there is any other way.
I tried ssh pi@ipaddress, but when asked for password, musicbox wasn’t valid.

I’ll answer my own post here.

After looking at the 2 files referred to in setting up the pHAT DAC, the appropriate changes and lines are there except on line which I did add my self, and all is good now.