Setting up Picade with the EmulationStation Dreamcast Emulator?


Hello all;

I have my Picade up and running.

I discovered that I had to hook up a keyboard for the first setup “run”, and using the keyboard I told the Mame emulator (tab) to “globally” utilize the Picade keys for coin and start functions.

However I can’t figure out how set up the Dreamcast emulator.

Each time I run it I am presented with the date and time settings screen with no way to change it, even with a keyboard plugged in.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get past this?




To have tested the emulator reicast, very few games and Pi2 suffers tremendously.

You must configure the file: /home/pi/.reicast/emu.cfg

I used this configuration with an Xbox 360 controller:

 mapping_name = Xbox Gamepad (userspace driver)
 btn_escape = 0x13a

 btn_a = 0x130h
 btn_b = 0x131h
 btn_c =
 btn_d = 0x139h
 btn_x = 0x133h
 btn_y = 0x134h
 btn_z = 0x138h
 btn_start = 0x13Bh
 axis_x = 0x00
 axis_y = 0x01
 axis_trigger_left = 0x0a
 axis_trigger_right = 0x09

 axis_dpad1_x = 0x10
 axis_dpad1_y = 0x11

As you can see the values are hexadecimal. A you to test with the values for a keyboard

Sorry for my English.



I will give that a try.