Reicast config Picade 2018


I have a Picade 2018 and simply can’t get Dreamcast - Reicast configured with the Picade button layout.

I’ve done the following:

1 - Updated Reicast from source
2 - Run the Reicast controller setup (Device is GPIO Keys)
3 - Edited Dreamcast/emu.cfg to point to the mappings/ Controller_GPIOKeys.cfg
4 - Tried values 0 and 1 in autoconf.cfg

Does anyone have any ideas?
Maybe somebody with the same setup could help me by posting their emu.cfg and autoconf.cfg?

Many thanks in advance.


I recall a lot of people having issues with dreamcast emulation in general but back in 2016 we dealt with your issue: Setting up Picade with the EmulationStation Dreamcast Emulator?