[SOLVED] Faulty Skywriter? Detecting ghost inputs

Hi there,

My Skywriter is having some problems.
When running the test.py example, I get constant inputs eventhough the Skywriter is just lying there with me far away from it.
It also barely registers flicks, but I assume this is due to the same problem.

Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I am using it with a Raspberry Pi 3.

Thanks in advance

Screenshot of test.py output when left alone:

I have already posted this in the support section 2 days ago but no one seems able or willing to reply to it. I really hate to be the impatient one but time is very much a factor for what I need this component for.

please email support@pimoroni.com with your order details and they’ll provide you with an address to return the board.

Will do, thank you for the swift reply.