Speaker pHAT and Tivoli Model One


After reading Sandy’s blog post about the Roberts R600 radio (http://blog.pimoroni.com/the-pimoroni-arrr600-radio/), I have thought of hacking my old Tivoli Model One (https://tivoliaudio.dk/model-one-classic-retro-am-fm-table-radio.html) with the Speaker pHAT (and maybe the Enviro pHAT).

But is it possible to drive the Model One driver with a Speaker pHAT? The driver is a 3" (76.2mm) full-range driver, but I don’t know how many watts it has.

Best regards

It’s quite probably written on the back of the driver. I suspect it would work just fine anyway, you’d be surprised what you can drive from a Speaker pHAT…