ST7036 LCD and RPi

I have been given one of these:

to use on a project and I found your pypi page:

which looks like the code I need to make it work

Can you point me in the right direction for how to wire up the Pi to LCD?

Here’s a summary of the pin out from the PDF:

1 LED(+) backlight
2 LED(-) backlight
3 Vss 0v Ground
4 Vdd 5V (Logic supply)
5 SCLK (clock)
6 SID (data)
7 Operating voltage for LCD
8 Chip select
9 Register select
10 n/c


have a look here… ignore the I2C connections (not relevant for you). Vcc you’ll have to check what’s right and safe for the part.

looking a bit closer at the document you linked, I think you should be able to control the backlight using the Pi PWM capability, but certainly on/off via any GPIO… guessing more than anything though, without having a thorough read through.

thanks for the pointers; I had a further problem with connecting V0, but as per your suggestion, I’ve wired it to PWM and the display is now working. I’ve actually got two of these displays and with a bit of extra wiring with CE0/1 and another pin for RS, I have both screens up and running.
Many thanks,

In the hope this will be of use to others, here’s the pin out I settled on:

pin  lcd1  lcd2  description
1    1     1     LED(+) backlight (3.3v)
2    6     6     LED(-) backlight
3    6     6     Vss 0v Ground
4    2     2     Vdd 5V (Logic supply)
5    23    23    SCLK (clock)
6    19    19    SID (data)
7    12    12    V0 (Operating voltage for LCD)
8    24    26    Chip select
9    16    18    Register select

And then both displays can be accessed with:

import st7036
lcd0 = st7036.st7036(register_select_pin=23,spi_chip_select=0)
lcd1 = st7036.st7036(register_select_pin=24,spi_chip_select=1)

hum, I don’t understand… I think your chart has some errors in it (I assume all notations are physical and not a hybrid physical/bcm). Did you mean phys 17 rarther than 18 for the LCD supply?

All physical connections. First column is the connector on the display board. 18 is for PWM control of the LCD.

then I think you mean phys 12, not 18 (PWM is on bcm18 though).

Corrected in table - thanks