Stop motion help


Just waiting for the smarti case to put the screen in.

On the Pi Cam can I use a 12" cable?

I want to set this up for my daughter to do stopmotion. I have tried Stopmotion software, you have to setup the video export settings correctly otherwise it gives an error. Aconv needs to be installed but mencoder option doesn’t seem available. The touch screen with self contained pi makes it more portable to do Stopmotion anywhere.

Will Stopmotion display properly on the touch screen with limited Pixel height?

I tried compiling qStopmotion it works but crashes the whole Pi.

Does the Mate version have qStopmotion in their Repositories?

qStopmotion is Dev’d by same people as Stopmotion but they made this one so you don’t need to worry too much about the external settings and other apps.

Any other good Stopmotion apps that work well on the touch screen?

A temporary Lego PiCam holder.

I solved the issue with Stopmotion not displaying whole window was to set in config.txt.

It makes everything smaller but you now can see the whole preview at least with the vga setting in video import.