I am new to PI and Python, my coding experience was Visual Basic a while ago and Fortran even longer ago! I want to do a couple of data collection projects (mainly weather) and I am struggling to accomplish many of the steps I need. This led me to see if what I wanted had been done before and if I could I learn from it, or even better copy it into my code.

I understand Python can run subprocess’s and user functions and wondered if this forum could keep a library of them for users to use and learn from.
An example of what would interest me is:
Saving data to: SD card/NAS/Web based db (Prometheus for example)

You should be able to find what you want at

Yes I am sure there will be something there but finding appropriate code for a PI zero described in language I can understand is extremely challenging !

Yes, join the club. I used to do some script coding but learning Python is a trial. I don’t think there is any library here. Everybody gets sent to github.

The other thing is that most of what I find on GitHub are projects that work with specific hardware/software. What I was trying to suggest were code snippets that, under the heading of a subprocess, ‘made’ universally usable actions and could be personalised and then pasted into other code. Although GitHub would be the place to put them.

That would be a great idea! My complaint about the Github postings is that the code isn’t always commented so I have to figure out what I need for a process.