Supply voltage for e-ink board

Hie: I bought this “Adafruit 2.9” Tri-Color eInk / ePaper Display FeatherWing - IL0373 - Red Black White" some time ago and am now starting to use it. I am not clear whether it can use 5V power. An earlier description shows a board with Vin and mentions an onboard regulator. This later board looks very different (with two double rows of headers) and only seems to have 3.3V power in.
The Adafruit data is rather ambiguous. eg One of these boards is mentioned as safe for 3.3V and 5V signals.
Could you clarify what the later board can/cannot handle for power and signals?

Could you please paste the exact Adafruit product ID of your product? Without it, anything would be speculation. Also, please post an image.

Adafruit has created a big mess here, so I can understand your problems.

It’s the 2.9" Tricolour item bought on 21 August 2021.
The number on the flexible connector from board to display is WFT0290CZ10 and LW
I see no other numbers.
Picture added (I hope this is how to send pictures…)

(the white blobs were added by me to mark the key connections)

I am sure this board is 3V3/5V safe. There is an explicit statement about this in the guide: Overview | Adafruit 2.9" eInk Display Breakouts and FeatherWings | Adafruit Learning System (very last sentence on the first page). And your variant is also described in this guide.

The onboard regulator gives you 3V3 out, even with 5V input. This is for additional components and supplies up to 100mA.

In general, most Adafruit breakouts and components are 3V3/5V safe. That is one of the reasons why they are more expensive than comparable breakouts from China. But there are exceptions and therefore it is always better to check twice.

Thank you, but I am still cautious.
The board shown with that statement about 3v3/5v safe is not the one I have. Mine is the second of the two boards described here:

The board you referenced has a Vin connection and mine doesn’t - only a 3V3. It also seems to lack an enable pin, which is said to switch off the regulator on the other board.
I can’t be sure whether the 3-pin chips on my board are regulators (labelled V80ma and KK067 - or …D67).
On balance I would rather use my own £2 regulator that damage the £20 board.
Peter A

You could head over to the Adafruit forums and ask there. My experience is that they are very helpful.