Teensy 4 support for Adafruit ST7735

I was hoping to use a Teensy 4 with an Adafruit 2" TFT screen. However, it appears that the Adafruit ST7735 Arduino library has not been updated for the Teensy 4 yet. Are there plans to update it, or can I make a request for it to be updated please?

For information, I set the Arduino IDE to use the Teensy 4 then followed the library install instructions on:

(BTW, this is not the link supplied on Pimoroni.com, which I think should be updated)

The library install works (it installs Adafruit ST7735_t3 rather than ST7735) (I assume the t3 bit is a reference to a Teensy 3) but when I try to compile “graphicstest.ino” it reports that the ST7735 library has no member called “init”.